Jeep safaris and offroad trials

Add a little bit of excitement and adventure to your vacation!


1. Jeep adventure and minicompetition - up to 5 hours
Exciting driving adventure on rural trails spiced with some offroad challenges. No special skills required, everyone can participate. Enjoy nature, challenging terrain and have lots of fun finding hidden points. Minicompetition against other teams or against overall standings adds thill and excitement to adventure.
Price - 250.- EUR per Jeep. It´s 50.- EUR per person presuming that there is 5 people in one Jeep. Min 2 to 6 Jeeps for up to 30 persons.

2. Offroad madness - 2 hours
Experience real offroad driving. You can choose between three abandoned mining pits - or you can choose them all. Instructor guided drive.
Price - 200.- EUR per Jeep. 2 to 6 Jeeps for up to 30 persons. (200.- EUR if only one Jeep is taken).

3. Drive in abandoned mining pits with rental Jeep - 1+ hours
Drive in old mines without instructor. Put to the test your own abilities and the capabilities of the machine.
Price - 125.- EUR per Jeep/ per hour. Up to 6 Jeeps or 25 persons (100.- EUR deposit).




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